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About Us

Warehouse Marketplace

Logisti connects you to warehouse capacity when, where , and how you need it.

About Us

Logisti is a simple idea. You find your storage, book it, and have it delivered to the destination of your choice.

Do you have free space? Let us turn that into a profit-center! Logisti will transform your traditional and under-utilized free space into a flexible storage powerhouse. Sign up and let us work our magic with zero hassles and no stress.


Our mission

The future of the Middle East is fueled by an expansion not only in its population but also in its commercial output. Logisti will become the premier platform to consolidate and supercharge the supply chain, storage and logistics needs of the region through its user-friendly platform, customer service, consistency and unmatched reliability.

Our vision

The future of storage lies with flexibility, reliability, and speed. Logisti’s mission is to facilitate the most user-friendly platform to reliably convert unused and under-utilized space in warehouses across the region into a modern, flexible, storage powerhouse. 20-30% of existing warehouses contain blank spots that remain unused for extended periods of time which affects the overall bottom line. Logisti’s marketplace platform endeavors to reduce this wastage, optimize storage, and modernize warehouse visibility and operations